At MyCognition we use technology to
 mental health

& cognitive fitness.

Our solutions are grounded in robust science and are clinically proven to be effective across multiple sectors.

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The Sectors We Support

The MyCognition apps are a market-leading tech platform proven to enhance mental health & cognitive fitness through a structured course of insight, assessment and training.

Medical & Healthcare

Preventing & reducing instances of poor mental health while enhancing wellness


Boosting well-being & productivity in the workplace through sound cognitive fitness


Supporting student outcomes and well-being in schools & universities


Providing a convenient & effective set of apps to build mental health, resilience & cognitive fitness


Aiding service personnel in developing their resilience to issues associated with their roles

Sports Science

Helping athletes reach peak performance through mental agility & resilience, and supporting recovery

How it works

MyCognition PRO is a market-leading digital platform that enhances cognitive fitness through a structured programme of insight, assessment and training.

A Comprehensive Digital Assessment App

• Taking just 15 minutes to complete compared with several hours with a clinician
• Clinically proven effective results
• A fraction of the price of seeing a consultant (who’s appointments often require long waits)

A Tailored Gamified Cognitive Therapy

 Adapts to provide the cognitive training most effective for the individual user based on assessment results
• Dynamically follows a user’s progress to continue to target areas of most benefit
• Easily accessible at a time convenient to the user

Insights & Coaching to Enhance Overall Wellness

 Assists users to make informed choices around their overall well-being (for example on exercise, nutrition, sleep, and so on)

The science of MyCognition

In our mission to improve cognitive health, we continue to partner with the global leaders of innovative

neuroscience technology to conduct robust trials spanning over years of research and clinical trials.

Real World Studies


User Cases

Years of Research

The Atoms of Cognition

We conduct research around the globe

We work with leading institutions around the world to enhance our science, we conduct studies that explore the ability of MyCognition to help people enhance thier mental health & cognitive fitness. We are also clinically proven to specifically work to help with conditions such as sleep disorders, eating disorders, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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