MyCognition PRO, the NHS approved digitally delivered cognitive fitness programme for employers.

Improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction and reduce absenteeism.

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How it works

MyCognition PRO is a market-leading digital platform that enhances cognitive fitness through a structured 15-week programme of insight, assessment and training.

Cognitive fitness underpins all our behaviour. Whereas our cognitive fitness is based on our genes, the expression of those genes depends upon the lifestyle choices we make and the extent to which we exercise our mind.


As part of the MyCognition programme, we provide tips and guidance on everything from diet to exercise as it pertains to optimal fitness. We also give advice on practicing good sleep and work habits.

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MyCognition assessments can be self-administered and only take 15 minutes. Results are immediate and accompanied by personalised reports showing progress over time. This innovative assessment encourages autonomy and is tailored to the user, enabling them to see where improvements to their cognitive fitness are needed.

Underpinned by science
Our proprietary MyCQ assessment is a digital version of well validated and accepted neuropsychological tests.

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MyCognition’s proprietary training is holistic, but is more intense where there is greatest need.  It is personalised, dynamically adapting to an individual’s performance in assessments. For a more intensive, priming intervention, we recommend 90 mins/week for 2-3 months of our training.

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The science of MyCognition

In our mission to improve cognitive health, we continue to partner with the global leaders of innovative

neuroscience technology to conduct robust trials spanning over 5 years of research and clinical trials.

Real World Studies



Years of Research


The Atoms of Cognition


We are conducting research around the world

We are working with leading institutions around the world to enhance our science, conducting studies that explore the ability of MyCognition to help people with a range of conditions including sleep disorders, eating disorders, Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury.

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