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When a widespread difficulty like the coronavirus pandemic grows, it becomes important to draw on our inner strength. During this phase of the C19 outbreak measures, you and your loved ones are being asked to make significant changes to your lives. This may have an impact on your mental wellbeing.  

Working or being shut-down at home can be stressful, especially for extended periods. Together with the news that the outlook is likely to get worse before it gets better, the current conditions for all of us are unprecedented.  We are all likely to be feeling anxious, stressed and worried in the face of uncertainty. According to the WHO, managing stress and psychosocial wellbeing is as important as managing physical health during this time. 

Good mental resilience is essential for you to adapt to new daily routines, such as remote learning or working from home where the expectations are the same, but the environment and structure is not. To strengthen your mental resilience, start looking after your cognitive fitness, which is linked to your key abilities to concentrate, solve problems, make good decisions, self-control and perform effectively. This can be nurtured through a healthy lifestyle and targeted training. Learning is about expanding our horizon of possibilities, so we can open windows where before we only saw closed doors.

Watch the video below to see how developing your cognitive fitness will strengthen your mental resilience.


NHS approved daily 15-minute active meditation. 

The MyCognition platform improves mental resilience by monitoring and strengthening cognitive fitness using the clinically validated MyCQ assessment and AquaSnap training game. It’s like having a personal trainer for the brain and provides a 15-minute active daily meditation. This makes you less stressed and less anxious while also enabling you to perform at your best, both mentally and physically, building the mental strength and flexibility you need to adapt new habits.  

Aware of the importance of needing good mental resilience during a difficult period like this, we are offering a special edition of our Healthy Habits behavioural change programme. 

Over the next days, MyCognition will be posting dedicated resources on this page to help build and maintain healthy routines that are essential for your cognitive fitness and mental resilience.  

Download the MyCognition HOME app now and you will get an additional free license for a member of your family or cared one.

MyCognition HOME for iOS

MyCognition HOME for Android

If living or working in London, you can have a free MyCognition PRO license through the NHS Good Thinking programme at https://www.good-thinking.uk/resources/mycognition/ 

The apps are available on any iOS or Android devices.  

MyCognition apps are regulated by the MHRA as a CE medical device with NHS-digital and ORCHA approval. Both apps also include a dedicated e-learning programme on how to build and maintain Healthy Habits.  

You can also access the full Healthy Habits programme for FREE below: 

Stay tuned with MyCognition’s help for the community by checking this page regularly! 

Please contact us if you wish to use MyCognition PRO or MyCognition ED for your organisation at a discounted price. 

Healthcare: m.curran@mycognition.com

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