Does your head sometimes seem too full? Do you forget what you agreed? Where you saved that important document? Do you have so much on your plate that you cannot see the overall picture? Is your mind sometimes in another place? Do you dread that busy day ahead?

If so, then your brain may not be in its best condition.  A cognitively fit brain is important for everything you do, at home and at work.

  • Last year, a third of teachers (in the UK) reported a mental health problem
  • 3,750 teachers were signed off on long-term sick leave due to stress
  • Teacher retention rates are falling drastically

Our partners at LerendBrein in the Netherlands are running programmes to help teachers understand the importance of cognitive fitness, for them and their students. The programme involves monitoring the fitness of your brain using the MyCognition MyCQ NHS approved cognitive app, reporting the five key domains: Executive Function, Attention, Episodic Memory, Processing Speed and Working Memory.

Teachers can train their cognition through the clinically validated personalised training game, AquaSnap and the Healthy Habits Programme. Teachers will also learn how to use the programmes in schools to assess and strengthen cognition in children, how to interpret reports and how to use reports to adapt their pedagogical approach to teaching.

The benefits…

  • MyCognition PRO helps teachers to be more resilient to stress and mental illness.
  • It gives them a greater understanding of cognitive development in children.
  • MyCognition ED strengthens a child’s cognition, enhancing their learning potential and health.

Case study – The “Corridor” Children…

Our Dutch partners worked with children who had cognitive deficits, diagnosed with ADHD and ASD, which was affecting their ability to stay in education. The plan was to keep those pupils in regular education, to avoid them being sent to a special needs school. However, the schools lacked money and resources. Therefore, they tried the MyCognition programmes for 3 months under supervision of a coach and parents, linked to remedial teaching activities for Mathematics and Language Comprehension.

How did MyCognition help them?

Executive Function, the cognitive domain most lacking in the children, showed the most improvement. The coach, parents and teachers reported that all pupils improved significantly in sustained attention, focused (selective) attention, willingness to participate in classroom activities, ability to start a task and stay on task or returning to task on time, and better handling of complex stimulus overload situations (like noisy, chaotic classroom situations). Pupils showed better ability to endure these situations and were less exhausted at the end of the day. Impulsive behaviour decreased in the classroom, but it remained a problem at break time. Parents observed improved conduct at home, fewer arguments, and a more positive involvement with siblings. The Coach also reported improved self-esteem.

The children gained a year of progression in half a calendar year, with School results in general improved by 2 levels (the Dutch system has 5 levels, A to E, A being the highest level).

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