• The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation reports that your cognition is associated with your academic potential, career success, wealth, physical and mental health, and quality of life.
  • Cognitive fitness during childhood is therefore able to predict life-time achievements.
  • Cognitive fitness also plays a key protective role in giving you resilience when facing adversity.
  • On the other hand, poor cognitive fitness has a negative impact on your child’s outcomes, resulting in poor academic achievements, unemployment and lack of economic independence.

The Bill and Melinda Foundation shared a report with MyCognition showing that good cognitive control in childhood predicts outcomes in later life. These include good physical health, reduced substance dependence, good personal finances, and lower risk of being charged with criminal offenses. Improvements in cognition result in better outcomes regardless of the child’s initial levels.

“By age 12, a twin with lower (cognition) is more likely to smoke, perform poorly in school, and engage in antisocial behaviours”

“Executive function can be measurably improved through various forms of training and intervention”

Executive Function Skills for Student Success, BMGF 2019

Children with poor cognition are more likely to suffer from mental health disorders, are more likely to engage in criminal activity, to fall into the criminal justice system and to become dependent on drugs and suffer other addictions. Improving cognitive fitness is never too late. It is possible to reduce mental health problems occurring in childhood and adulthood too.



Preventing and treating poor cognitive fitness in childhood has the potential to produce the greatest positive social-economic impact.

Improving cognitive fitness would have a significant impact on society, with savings in the social and health services, while productivity costs due to absenteeism and presenteeism at work would be reduced.This means you will be able to maintain good mental and physical wellbeing during ageing, avoid early retirement, and live independently longer.

Improving cognitive fitness in childhood reduces the strain on social and health services.

Being able to identify early cognitive issues, prevent and treat mental illness, through cognitive fitness, represents a valuable and unique health, economic and social advantage to individuals and the whole community is obtained by being able to monitor and strengthen cognitive fitness at any age, but the most positive impact is assured in the young.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation recognises MyCognition as unique in that they have the most comprehensive combined assessment and training programmes available. These have been scientifically developed. The combined cognitive assessment and training intervention has been validated in clinical trials and has also been adopted into schools, clinics and local health services to help children and adults in improving their cognitive functioning and mental resilience, with an impact on academic achievement, ability to stay at work and to live independently.

To learn more about how we can start improving the cognitive fitness across your school, workplace or local services, or to become an Education or Wellbeing partner with MyCognition, please email martina@mycognition.com.

We are proud of the recognition from the Gates Foundation and look forward to sharing more news about the work we are doing in improving mental health over the coming weeks. Don’t miss our next updates!

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