We will all spend a significant amount of time in our lives in meetings. Whether you’re a banker, teacher, engineer, carpet cleaner, handmade free-range sausage maker… we will all have to spend at least some time in meetings.

Even Olympic athletes can’t escape it. Granted, they might not be discussing this weeks overheads or Larry’s poor sales performance, but they will spend a lot of time analysing their past performances, perfecting their training schedules, meeting with sponsors etc.

Now, the average employee spends 62 hours in meetings each month (source here). That is a substantial amount of time. An absolutely staggering half of these meetings are considered unproductive… that’s a whopping 31 unproductive hours each month!!

This is where our healthy habit #5 can help. Run speed meetings.

By running speed meetings we are able to increase our efficiency and minimise these unproductive hours all whilst training our cognition at the same time.

By condensing down these meetings, we put more pressure on our processing speed. This is one of the key domains of cognition covers the speed and accuracy of you to process data and other information.

Speed meetings are extremely easy to implement in to any sector be it business, education, healthcare . All you have to do, is to start by cutting the length of your meetings by 10%.

So 30-minute meetings become 27-minute meetings. 60-minute meetings become 54-minute meetings and so on and so forth.

This doesn’t seem like much time at all, it’s not. But what’s 10% of 62 hours? Yep… that’s 6.2 hours of your life back every month! That’s loads!!!

Imagine when you get the hang of speed meetings and start to cut them down by 20%? You’ll be getting 12.4 hours of extra time each month!!! Think how much more you would be able to get done!

Another form of speed meetings is walking meetings (previously mentioned in habit #2). This is where you take your one-to-one meetings with a colleague or manager and just go for a walk. You will find that people listen more intently as they lack the ability to take notes (well at least I can’t).

So, pick your choice and make speed meetings a part of your working life – there’s no reason not to.

Here at MyCognition, we are big fans of walking meetings. Is it because where we are situated means we are able to wander around outside the Gherkin in the sunshine? Or is it because we all share a burning passion for being efficient and improving our processing speed? I think it’s a bit of both.

Let us know are you going to start implementing speed meetings?

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