We are taught from a very early age the value of being organised. It is an important skill that ties into almost every aspect of our lives.

Now, whilst some people are naturally more organised than others (and we all go about organising ourselves in many different ways) – organisation is still an easy area for anyone to improve on.

Healthy habit #6 is to get organised. We will start showing you how to organise your thoughts and what a substantial affect this can have on your working memory.

Organising your thoughts can help you use your working memory to the absolute maximum.

The simplest way is to start by breaking things down. Take a complex problem – if you reduce it down into its constituent parts and assess each one in time, it becomes much easier to work through.

If you have to handle a lot of complex procedures at work then use the age-old reliable method of creating a checklist. Checklists are used for airline pilots, astronauts and other critical rolls and they allow you to work through whatever the task maybe, in a structured and methodical way.

Don’t just organise your thoughts – organise your workspace. My grandma always told me ‘a tidy room is tidy mind’ – and she wasn’t wrong. An organised workspace may actually help to improve cognitive skills by removing any potential distractions. You can even go a step further and utilise any empty desk space to your advantage. Use creative diagrams and visually project whatever you are working on. This can really help to stimulate the mind.

Finally, your organisation doesn’t have to be limited to your work. For example, mentally rehearse the most efficient route around the supermarket and visualise the items that you wish to buy. Then when you are next in the supermarket, you’ll find your memory is prompted!

Here at MyCognition, organisation is key. We keep desk clutter to a minimum and we all have access to each other’s calendars so we are able to organise and structure our week’s in a way that is efficient and works for everyone.

How do you keep organised? Let us know below or join in the chat online using #50HealthyHabits

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