Now you can with the NEW MyCognition Healthy Habits Personalised Coaching Service


Are you on the MyCognition PRO or HOME app yet? MyCognition’s brand new in-app e-learning Healthy Habits service provides you with engaging videos, tips, quizzes and resources to kickstart a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Just check you have the latest version of the app on your device and you will be able to

  • Discover how cognitive fitness will change your life
  • Learn about the five key healthy habits that will make you mentally resilient
  • Find ways to make the healthy habits part of your routine
  • Identify and help others who need to get cognitively fit and improve their mental health


Your cognitive fitness can be significantly improved in just 4 weeks with tailored training and positive changes in lifestyle


At any stage of life, you can build healthy habits into your daily routine to develop a good cognitive foundation.

  • In children, good cognition supports a healthy brain, good brain development, learning ability, and sets the foundation for positive life outcomes.
  • In adults, good cognition improves performance in the workplace and builds your cognitive reserve to ensure you remain fit while ageing; just as you build your pension pot, think about building your cognitive pot, too.

The Healthy Habits Programme is available for you to build new healthy routines in your workplace, community and in your own family, including elderly relatives and children.

“Clearly improving cognitive health & wellbeing by helping keep mental skills and memory in tone. I highly recommend it for personalised “brain exercise”!”

30 year old woman using MyCognition PRO


Aren’t you on MyCognition yet? Don’t wait any longer.

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Discover your cognitive fitness profile with our MyCQ, strengthen the areas of your brain with greatest need using AquaSnap, and then consolidate the gain with your new Healthy Habits Programme.

Watch the video to learn more


Download MyCognition HOME from your App store now to start your journey to better cognition and a better lifestyle.


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Contact us at for using MyCognition PRO to improve your employees’ wellbeing and productivity or your patients’ self-management and healthcare outcomes.

MyCognition apps are CE-marked as a Class 1a medical device, approved by NHS and clinically validated.

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