Good news. Absence due to sickness in the UK has almost halved since 1993 with data showing that employees took an average of 4.2 days in 2017.

Bad news. Mental health is now the number one cause of sickness and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Companies are underestimating the hidden costs of mental health, which in addition to absence also has a major impact on productivity through presenteeism. OECD reports show that mental illness costs UK £94 billion a year.

Corporates are trying to address psychological wellbeing and those that manage mental health well will have high levels of productivity, being able to attract and retain the best people. Corporates want to keep their employees mental health in great shape from the moment they begin their careers all the way through into retirement. However, current attempts are outdated as at best they only assess and treat the symptoms of poor mental health. Therefore, it is time to manage mental health in the workplace in a more precise and scientific way.

This can be achieved through cognitive fitness. Cognition controls behaviour, emotions and performance. Deficits in cognition are major predictors and significant risk factors for poor mental health. Critically, we now have the means to track, strengthen and consolidate cognitive fitness in the workplace, addressing the causes rather than the symptoms of poor mental health. This has fundamental socio-economic implications for all corporations. Those that take the lead will increase their productivity and have the competitive edge.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation reported that MyCognition are leading in the assessment and training of cognition. The cognitive fitness programmes improve health and productivity and are NHS approved and CE marked. Get in touch to find out how we can transform your approach to mental health wellbeing and performance.

MyCognition PRO is the specialist mental health digital programme for the workplace. It allows employees to track, strengthen and consolidate their cognitive fitness. Employees receive confidential reports of their cognition, an automated personalised training programme and access to a coaching programme to bring about positive behavioural change. Their organisation gets an anonymous overview, showing how mentally fit they are and the proportion and profile of their people in poor mental health.

By using MyCognition PRO, companies can easily monitor the cognition across the entire workforce with little disruption. PRO is approved by NHS and rated at 84% by ORCHA. It is CE marked with more than 18000 user cases and 6 years’ of published clinical research.

Simply improve corporate cognition by few steps:

  • Only 15 minutes to check your cognitive health with MyCQ
  • Get your personalized reports
  • 15 minutes of daily AquaSnap Training targets where you have the greatest need
  • Bring about positive behavioural change with the Healthy Habits


Contact to find out how to implement the best mental health programme in your organisation.

Click the link below to learn more about how MyCognition PRO works in real cases (“Superagers” Employees’ Coaching Journey- Snelstart, NL):

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