MyCognition receive prestigious award for particular merit whilst completing the EDUCATE programme


MyCognition has been awarded the EDUCATE “Evidence Applied EdWard” for successfully undertaking significant cognitive research in Education due to its particular merit.

EDUCATE is a rigorous and comprehensive programme run by UCL in London designed to support companies undertaking evidence-based research in Education. MyCognition had already won the “Evidence AWARE” award and now has the highly prestigious “APPLIED” award as well.

The award shows MyCognition has demonstrated a clear understanding of applying research methods to create a valuable product for education. The award demonstrates an understanding of how reputable evidence can assist MyCognition in developing a world-class product that is an effective and valuable tool for educators.

MyCognition previously achieved the Educate Evidence Aware EdWard for successfully completing the Educate Programme in 2018. The Evidence Applied EdWard represents a further step in our journey to bring to allow all schools to monitor and strengthen the cognitive fitness of all children, enhancing their learning potential and health outcomes.

Cognition is the control of your behaviour and emotions; it is an indicator of a student’s academic potential and success as an adult, aligned to their health and socio-economic potential. As reported by the Gates foundation, cognition is not fixed or determined by genetics. It can be trained and improved, especially in early years of childhood and adolescence, but also throughout life.  Cognition is influenced by your environment, your lifestyle choices and by targeted brain training based on your MyCQ (MyCognition Quotient) score.

MyCognition have produced the MyCQ assessment, AquaSnap training and Healthy Habits programme. MyCQ allows you to measure and monitor cognition for entire schools (educators, children and parents). This can help teachers with their pedagogical understanding of how an individual student learns. It can also be used within the workplace and in healthcare as a tool to strengthen people’s cognition, so they can manage stress, work load and medical conditions.

AquaSnap is a personalised training game, that trains all the five key domains, Executive Function, Attention, Episodic Memory, Processing Speed and Working Memory; your scores feed into the game so that you are trained most intensely in the domain with the greatest need for improvement.

Once your cognition is strengthened you can you the Healthy Habits programme to build habits like regular exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle to consolidate and maintain your cognition, mental and physical health.

Download the home version now from Apple Store and Google Play Store, just search MyCognition HOME.

Contact us if you want to know more about how to use MyCognition in your school.

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The EDUCATE programme is based at the Knowledge Lab at UCL’s Institute of Education. EDUCATE is match-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and UCL’s partners: UCL Engineering, the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), Nesta and F6S. This collaboration brings together all the strands of knowledge, experience and expertise needed to produce world-class EdTech.

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