We are proud to announce to have been selected to be part of Microsoft’s latest AI for Good cohort, launched on the 7th February, with the purpose of using AI to tackle the most challenging problems in society.

For the second year running, Microsoft for Startups UK and the Social Tech Trust have launched the AI for Good 2020 accelerator programme to help purpose-driven ventures in the UK advance their AI solutions to create positive social transformation.

“AI for Good will bring us great opportunities, huge value and, most importantly, benefits to the people our products serve”

Keiron Sparrowhawk, Founder and CEO of MyCognition

As one of the 12 organisations selected, we are joining a 4-month programme, delivered through workshops and seminars by experts in AI and social tech, which will provide us support in business development, marketing, technology, social impact and innovation. As well as support and access to Microsoft technology, we will also be given space to run our business in the Microsoft for Startups office in Shoreditch, London.

By helping grow innovative ideas into established companies, Microsoft and the Social Tech Trust hope to create a more sustainable and accessible world.

We aim to use AI to improve our technology and its ability to accurately profile cognition and promote and maintain good cognitive health through personalised, adaptive and engaging training, accessible by anyone, no matter of their age or health conditions. Our clinical trials show the benefits of our technology in improving cognition, mental health and life outcomes of both children and adults, including people with psychiatric and neurologic conditions. Our aim is to bring those benefits to the whole society through technology and innovation, changing the world one mind at time.

“These 12 companies are some of the brightest and most cutting-edge businesses in Britain, and I am delighted to welcome them to our cohort. They are all aiming to make the world a better place by using technology to tackle complex problems – from accessibility and heritage to sustainability. Microsoft is keen to help them make an even bigger positive impact on the world around them, and we’re looking forward to supporting them through this exciting stage of their journey.”

Amali de Alwis, Managing Director of Startups UK at Microsoft

“The inspiring start-ups in this cohort are all driven by their vision of a better future. We’ve developed the AI for Good Programme in partnership with Microsoft to nurture the transformative innovation that will help them realise their goals. Our four-month impact-led curriculum brings together cross-sector experts to provide these promising purpose-led tech ventures with the support they need to shape our future society. We can’t wait to start working with them.”

Ed Evans, Chief Executive of the Social Tech Trust

To know more, watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coTfQKt0TSk&feature=youtu.be or visit https://news.microsoft.com/en-gb/2020/02/07/microsofts-latest-ai-for-good-cohort-aims-to-make-the-world-a-better-place/


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