Mental resilience now available in Londoners’ pockets


Do you…

  • Feel your life is out of control; no direction, full of stress and anxiety?
  • Feel foggy and forgetful, unable to remember people, places and events?
  • Have problems making decisions; even simple things?
  • Lack focus; mind wanders in all directions?


Looking after your mental health is now possible through your smart phone or tablet. MyCognition has partnered with Good Thinking for free access to our NHS-approved app to people living or working in London, to improve their resilience to stress, performance, and overall wellbeing.


Good Thinking for London


Good Thinking is the mental wellbeing programme for anyone living or working in London promoted by the NHS and delivered by the Healthy London Partnership. Their apps are independently assessed to ensure the delivery of high-quality services. MyCognition is NHS approved and regulated as a medical device, approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), NHS Digital and Orcha.


MyCognition makes a difference


The Gates Foundation said that the MyCognition app uniquely combines a clinically validated, comprehensive cognitive assessment and a training game that meets the individual’s needs. Good cognitive fitness causes good mental wellbeing, whereas poor cognition is linked to poor mental health. The app helps you to strengthen your mental resilience through cognition, which controls your behaviour and emotions. This helps you to manage stress, depression and anxiety symptoms.


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Suitable for people of all ages, genders, background and health states


Cognition and mental health exist on a spectrum and are affected by life events, experiences and your lifestyle habits. It is never too late to work on your cognitive fitness and improve it. It can protect you from mental illness and improve your chance of success in things like education, family and work relationships. It can even help build a cognitive reserve to reduce cognitive decline during ageing.


The app also includes a coaching programme to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle through building healthy habits for your cognitive fitness.

Share this unique opportunity with your family and friends, everyone will benefit from it!

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MyCognition is a leader in providing clinically validated programmes for mental wellbeing and performance


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