MyCognition in a ground-breaking cognitive study in collaboration with the University of Alberta

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  • The study assesses the implications as to how we assess, prevent and treat mental illness in children
  • MyCQ enables researchers to track cognition in children with PTSD and because the results show that cognitive health correlates with mental health, we can now track mental illness in children, too
  • The results replicate in children what was previously shown by MyCognition in adults
  • The results suggest we should regularly assess all children for signs of poor mental health

The Journal of Child and Adolescent Behaviour reported a study by the University of Alberta and MyCognition entitled “Cognitive Improvements in Child Sexual Abuse Victims Occur Following Multimodal Treatment Program: As Measured by MyCognition Quotient” ( This was a residential study run at the Be Brave Ranch (Canada), which is a residential clinic.

The study looked to improve the mental health of children suffering from PTSD as a result of sexual abuse. The study used the clinically validated assessment, MyCQ, as a part of the clinical programme.

MyCognition has collaborated with the Be Brave Ranch and University of Alberta since 2014 in supporting children. Children with PTSD have cognitive impairments and mental health disorders linked to their condition.

The Be Brave Ranch runs a 4-weeks intensive programme using a range of interventions, including the MyCognition cognitive training video game AquaSnap. The study reports significant improvements in children’s cognitive abilities, as measured by the MyCognition assessment, MyCQ, especially in working memory, executive function and attention.

The benefits in cognition translate to an improved ability to self-regulate and manage emotions, to selectively use focus to avoid negative thoughts, to plan towards future objectives and pursue goals, to find solutions to challenging situations and make decisions in a confident way.

These improvements will have a significant impact on the child’s life outcomes in the short and longer term, including improved mental wellbeing, enhanced academic achievement, better social relationships and work success, and stronger mental resilience.

“With the right types of intervention, the right types of support, we can actually support resilience and shift of trajectory for children, adolescents, adults and obviously families”

Dr Wanda Polzin, Clinical Director of the Be Brave Ranch

Watch the video from Edmonton Global News to know more.

Previously published results ( also reported the benefit of the AquaSnap intervention on children with PTSD symptoms, depression and anxiety, thus demonstrating that cognitive deficits occur together with mental illness, but that both are reversible with an appropriate intervention.

MyCognition programmes are clinically validated in adults with several mental health conditions and are broadly used among children at school of different age and abilities, consistently reporting positive improvement in mental health, psychosocial functioning and academic achievement. This study now sets a new milestone of validated use of the MyCognition programmes with children in clinical settings.

MyCognition programmes are NHS and ORCHA approved in the UK and CE marked as Class 1-a medical device.

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