Tonight is the last episode of the second season of the hugely successful and critically acclaimed “Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds”.

Our NHS approved app, MyCQ, was used to accurately assesses the 5 key cognitive domains; Executive Function, Working Memory, Episodic Memory, Attention, Processing Speed. The app is a Class 1A medical device with around 17,000 user cases from ages six to 102 years old.

The study carried out by the programme shows how sensitive the app is to the changes in cognition of the participants. The app is easy to administer and is suitable to use in any setting that has a mobile connection or WiFi. It is suitable for all ages and groups including family, friends, colleagues, employees, residents, teachers, and school children and college or university students, and many more.

The MyCQ app links to the training game AquaSnap providing personalised and targeted training to all domains, but with more intensity where there is most need of development. Tune in Monday night to catch the final episode or catch up on All4 to see all the episodes.

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