3 Rs of Healthy Habits: Reminder, Routine, Reward

1.Creating a reminder

The first important step in habit creation is to create a reminder – a cue or trigger that will remind you to undertake whatever habit you are going to try and implement. Especially in the early stages of creating a new habit, it can be all too easy to forget. Having a reminder will help you remember to practice your new habit, and successfully integrate it into your daily routine. 

MyCognition will provide you with a number of different downloadable resources that will help you map out your strategy over the coming weeks. These pen and paper resources might seem simple, but can be incredibly effective in helping you to stick with your new habit. The very act of physically writing something down aids memorisation. 

You can access the full Healthy Habits Resource Toolkit here

Your reminder could also be something physical that triggers you to undertake an action. For example, if you were aiming to drink more water, leaving a bottle on your desk so you can see it when you are at your computer can be effective.You could even attach a sticky-note to an object that you need to use to practise your new habit- like a water bottle- this should catch your attention. If you have a digital watch or smartphone, simply setting an alarm can help and there are also a number of really good habit tracker apps that will send you reminders through notifications.

Exactly what this reminder is isn’t particularly important, so long as it is successful in reminding you to practice your new habit. 


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