MyCognition offers an immediate solution for people to take control of their mental health concerns during this crisis with the help of a remote, accessible digital tool. The platform is NHS approved, supported with published clinical evidence, regulated by MHRA, CE marked as a Class1A medical device and as ORCHA approval.

MyCognition is unique in combining cognitive assessment (MyCQ) and a cognitive training game (‘AquaSnap’) to automatically provide the user with an individual training regimen personalised on their cognitive assessment scores:

  1. The MyCQ cognitive assessment consists of 5 subtests that measure five domains of cognition (processing speed, attention, episodic memory, working memory and executive function) within 15 minutes.
  2. AquaSnap is a high definition interactive video game which aims to offer personalised training of the cognitive domains of processing speed, attention, episodic memory, working memory and executive functioning]
  3. Healthy Habits is a e-learning programme that raises awareness of cognitive health and coaches you to make positive lifestyle changes to support it.

The software is accessible through any iOS/Android device and can be used universally; regardless of age, gender or health-state.

  • It has been adopted internationally in primary/secondary education, especially, but not exclusively, in children with learning difficulties.
  • In childhood clinical settings it has been used in those suffering Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder following extreme trauma, and in cohorts of children with Special Educational Needs and learning disabilities, including ADHD, Autism and behaviour disorders, where it has improved outcomes in cognition, mental health, behaviour and learning.
  • It has been used in adults and senior clinical settings including Depression, OCD, Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Cognitive Decline, Diabetes and Breast Cancer, and in primary care patients over 50yrs of age suffering from more than one long-term medical disorder, as well as in numerous workplace and other community settings, e.g., care homes.

The platform can be delivered as a first line of stepped care, the practice of delivering the most effective, least resource-heavy treatment to patients in need. MyCognition is the most useful approach of defense to bolster our mental health system in preparation for the inevitable challenges precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Stepping up to more resource-heavy treatment based on patients’ needs can be achieved using the results obtained through MyCognition. The platform delivers a system that is both well designed and well prepared to provide this form of care to patients.

MyCognition is poised to merge with the skills of health practitioners and well-being services to benefit the health, prevention and productivity of everyone during this crisis.

There is potential for universal longitudinal data collection to better understand cognition and its relationship with the real-world impact of the crisis.

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