Your cognitive ability is based on the activity of your brain, which is a physical organ. Keeping fit will ensure you have a “fit brain” – allowing you to perform at peak levels. This is especially true of your processing speed, the ability of your brain to perform fast and accurately.  

The connection between regular exercise and improved brain activity has been well studied: brain works better after exercise. This is because aerobic exercise can alter both the structure of the brain, and the way it works. This phenomenon is not age specific and has been shown to improve cognitive activity across all age groups, even into older age.   

When you exercise your heart rate increases, and oxygenated blood containing nutrients is pumped around your body, including to your brain. The oxygen and nutrients delivered to your brain during exercise can help the brain to strengthen itself, encouraging growth, renewal and regeneration. Exercise maintains, restores and renews the brain. 

 Watch the video to learn more about how processing speed impacts your life and how you can improve it.


Tips to improve processing speed with regular exercise 

If you currently do little to no exercise you could try one, or a few of these: 

  • Do housework – There are always some DIY or cleaning jobs that can be done around the house to make your space to live even nicer. 
  • Always walk up the stairs – Start taking the stairs instead of the life, and if you’re on an escalator, try walking up instead of standing. 
  • Go on a daily walk – If you don’t think you’re ready to start running, you could go on a walk everyday instead. You could take this walk in your lunch break, or after work. 
  • Do a workoutthere are many light exercise videos available online suitable for all fitness levels. Even taking regular walks around the garden keeps you active. Stretching and Yoga are also good exercise. 

If you already do some irregular exercise, and have medium levels of fitness you could try one of these ideas: 

  • Start running regularly – You might already go for a run every now and again, but try to make this a more habitual activity. Try going on a run every couple of days, or even every day if you feel this is realistic. 
  • Use a bike to commute – If you have to commute to work and you occasionally cycle in your free time, try to get into the habit of using your bike regularly as an alternative to public transport


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