The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation report that MyCognition are leaders in their field as part of a recent review of the technology sector dedicated to the measurement and improvement of cognitive/executive function in education.

“For some, gaining (NIH, FDA or NHS) regulatory approval is the milestone for establishing their credibility and effectiveness. The list of companies achieving this is small, but notable are: [in first place] MyCognition, a cognitive assessment and training program” Executive Function Skills for Student Success, BMGF 2019

Intentional Futures, who undertook the global review for the Gates Foundation, also added that “MyCognition’s combined assessment-intervention approach is a true differentiator… a few companies try to do both; MyCognition is the most comprehensive.” Catherine May, Intentional Futures.

Why are cognitive functions so important?

Your cognitive fitness is defined by five key cognitive domains: executive function, working memory, episodic memory, attention and processing speed. These control the way you think and behave.

When in poor health they can have a significant impact on the learning outcomes, resilience and overall well-being among learners of all ages.

More specifically, it can negatively impact the ability for learners to plan, solve problems, recall, concentrate, and act with speed and accuracy. A perfect storm for poor attainment in school and can also contribute to mental health issues if not assessed and treated successfully.

The Gates Foundation Report & MyCognition

Building on the points made above, the Gates Foundation Report contains four key messages relating to the importance of cognitive functions. In each case, MyCognition is leading on scientific research and successfully working with schools across the sector to improve learning outcomes and resilience more broadly:

  1. That measurements of “cognition” are predictive of student academic outcomes
  • MyCognition can easily and regularly assess every child in every school (that has WIFI access). Our assessment is clinically validated and NHS approved
  1. That “Cognition” is not fixed, but can be trained, practiced and improved
  • MyCognition has developed clinically validated and NHS approved programmes that provide personalised, targeted cognitive training, linked to our assessment
  1. That “Cognitive” dysfunction is linked to mental health, including addiction, ADHD, conduct disorder, depression, OCD, and schizophrenia
  • MyCognition has undertaken extensive clinical research, successfully treating several mental health conditions. It has undertaken research across all age groups, from children to elderly adults. We believe our programs can prevent mental illness
  1. That “Cognition” is associated with adult outcomes: job success, health, public safety, and QoL
  • MyCognition has undertaken studies in the workplace showing that cognition can be assessed and improved at work and that it relates to productivity as well as mental health. Specific details on this to follow in a future blog post

Our specialised education offering, MyCognition ED, draws on 200 years of psychological research and our clinical trials and studies in businesses and schools. Furthermore, the MyCognition app is NHS approved and CE-marked by the MHRA as a Class 1a medical device.

Keiron Sparrowhawk, Founder of MyCognition said, “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put MyCognition as a leader in cognitive functions. We recognise this responsibility and will work with governments and education suppliers to ensure that globally, children get access to our cognitive health assessment and improvement programs.”

To learn more about how we can start improving the learning outcomes and mental resilience across your school, or to become an Education partner with MyCognition, please email

We are proud of the recognition from the Gates Foundation and look forward to sharing more news about the work we are doing across the education sector over the coming weeks. Watch this space!

Martina Ratto

MyCognition Cognitive Scientist

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