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Powered by science

MyCognition’s assessment has been created by a leading team in neuropsychiatric & cognitive research alongside some of the foremost research institutions such as University of Cambridge, The Royal Free Hospital Children’s School London, and the Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC).

Designed for enterprise

MyCognitionPRO specialises in identifying the cognitive fitness of your entire workforce, highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement. It provides detailed and insightful reports of your employees based in the workplace setting.

How MyCognitionPRO works

MyCognitionPRO assesses cognitive fitness, which is a surrogate of mental health, confidentially, 24/7, 365 days a year, in the workplace with little disruption. You can easily monitor cognition across an entire workforce, by allowing staff to periodically take MyCQ – it only takes 15 minutes. Our approach maintains the anonymity of individuals, but gives them a personal report that guides them to secure help should they need it, and gives them the means to acquire healthy habits and access personalised cognitive training. HR and Corporate Health help are informed on a wider cognitive state (mental health state) of their workforce.


MyCQ assesses cognitive fitness.

View Reports

Learn more about improving your cognitive fitness through personalised reports.

Monitor Progress

Monitor cognitive fitness over time.

AquaSnap Training

Personalised cognitive fitness training.

In-depth reporting

Understanding cognitive fitness is at the core of MyCognition. Once an employee has taken the assessment, our reports are designed to empower employees to enhance their strengths and make positive changes in work and life.

The detailed reports enable you to understand the 5 key domains of cognition.

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