A training programme designed for schools with children of all abilities, including those with special and additional educational needs, learning and behavioural difficulties, and gifted and 2e children. We also supply PRO for teachers and families; the entire school community.

Available on Web and tablet devices.

Partnered with leading universities

We have worked with many leading cognitive research institutions including the University of Cambridge, The Royal Free Hospital Children’s School in London and the University of Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC). Ongoing research through trials and real world studies continue to shed further light in the science of cognition.

Cognitive training for
an entire school

MyCognitionED specialises in identifying the cognitive needs of students and provides adaptive gameplay tailored specifically to their requirements.

How MyCognitionED works

The training utilises our revolutionary MyCQ assessment that first identifies training needs. Our flagship training game AquaSnap then adapts to train a student in the areas needed the most as well as enhancing their strengths. Keep track of everyone’s performance by retaking MyCQ regularly. Our studies have shown improvements can be achieved within just one school term of training.

Take MyCQ

The MyCQ assessment identifies areas to improve.

View Reports

Learn more about a student’s cognition through a personalised report.

Play AquaSnap

Adapted gameplay targets domains for improvement personalised to each student.

Monitor Progress

Retaking MyCQ regularly helps measure demonstrable improvements in a student’s cognition.

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