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The MyCognition Academy is the leading coach support platform.  The Academy provides great eLearning, a collaboration platform for coaches and the use of our clinically proven cognitive testing and training App – MyCognition.

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Are you a coach that could benefit from a community of like-minded professionals with access to excellent learning materials and the use of the MyCognition App for your clients?  Sign up with one of our partners today.

The Academy Platform

The MyCognition Academy provides a user friendly environment for coaches to collaborate and network.  Gain access to relevant eLearning to improve your process.  Give your clients access to the MyCQ App to test and train the 5 areas of their cognitive function.

A Complete Toolkit for your coaching business.  Simple to navigate portal to access all of the modules within the MyCognition Academy.

eLearning at your finger tips.  New courses are added regularly.

Collaboration tools and networking opportunities.  Chat to others in your network, arrange meetups, seek assistance and receive new opportunities.

The MyCognition App

MyCognition improves cognition by monitoring and strengthening brain fitness using the clinically validated MyCQ assessment and AquaSnap training game. It’s like having a personal trainer for the brain in your clients’ pocket. Used like as an active meditation for just 15 minutes per day, MyCognition helps your clients perform at their best, both mentally and physically. It can be used regardless of age and health conditions.  

The app includes:  


A self-administered, validated, five-domain, cognitive assessment tool. Provides users with a score and an accurate report on each of their cognitive domains – in less than 15 minutes. Automatically, the program uses the scores obtained to personalise the users training programme. 


A fun, cognitive training tool, is programmed by MyCQ to train all five cognitive domains, but with greatest intensity where the user has greatest need. Offering a personalised program to improve and boost users specific cognitive needs. 

Healthy Habits 

A digitally delivered Healthy Habit programme to raise awareness of cognitive health, and to educate and train users in healthy habits to encourage positive behavioural change and create a broad community culture on cognitive health. 

The app provides clients with a personalised report explaining their latest assessment performance in the five cognitive domains, their performance over time based on previous assessments and what this means for them in clear down to earth language.  

 The app is available for any iOS and Android devices. 


 From science to people 

  • Designed and built by cognitive scientists 
  • Validated in clinical and realworld trials with major international academic and clinic institutions 
  • Optimised with live user data 
  • Over 20,000 user cases across all ages, genders and different health conditions in 7 countries 
  • Proven benefits after 8-12 weeks of training 


Regulated & approved 

  • CE Mark (Class 1a Medical Device) 
  • Regulated by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) 
  • Approved by NHS Digital 
  • ORCHA approved with a score of 85% 



Awards & top activities 

  • Two research awards from EDUCATE (University College London) 
  • Identified by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as unique 
  • Selected by NSHX as a key innovation driver in healthcare 
  • Part of the East Midlands AHSN Digital Health Accelerator Programme 2019/20  
  • Member of the Microsoft AI for Good 2020 Accelerator Programme 
  • NHS England Test Bed participant 

quantificationQuantification of results

For each of the tests a measure of latency, i.e. the user’s average reaction time, and accuracy, i.e. the percentage of correct answers, is recorded. Then, the system automatically combines these measures in real-time according to a recipe set by experts, in order to produce a score for each domain in a scale from 1 to 100, setting the mean at 50. In addition to the five domains’ score, an overall MyCQ score is calculated as an average of the five domains.

This allows to have an empirical measure of the overall individual cognitive fitness and to understand which cognitive domains show greater strengths or weaknesses, to address a more targeted intervention.


All the MyCQ subtests resulted significantly correlated with the Cambridge Neuropsychological Automated Test Battery (CANTAB), one of the most well validated, reliable, and word-wide professionally adopted tools to assess cognition. This reinforces the assumption, based on experts’ design, that MyCQ is a clinically valid tool to identify the cognitive constructs, which it aims to assess.

The results of MyCQ have been normalised by age group based on the large amount of data collected by the system (almost 6000 assessments completed). The validity and statistical significance of the relative view of an individual’s scores vs its reference group increases every day together with new data collected from each MyCQ completed.

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