How it works

MyCognition is a market-leading digital platform that enhances cognitive fitness through a structured programme of insights, assessment and training.

Working through the programme, users will receive tips and guidance on everything from diet to exercise and sleep as it pertains to optimal fitness, be able to take assessments and engage in personalised training based on the results of the assessment.

All aspects of the programme can be accessed across iOS and Android, mobile and tablets. Results are confidential to users, with admins given access to anonymised, summary reports.

15 week programme, broken into 3 levels
Intro, Intermediate, Advanced

Each week, users receive healthy habits and science content as well as options to train for 90 mins per week.






The cognitive insight programme teaches employees about cognitive fitness and how to improve it, supported with Healthy Habits to implement in the workplace and everyday life.

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MyCQ is a cognitive assessment tool used to monitor cognitive fitness and generate personalised reports. It also enables personalised set up of the AquaSnap training game.

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AquaSnap is a scientifically designed game that provides intensive training and priming of cognitive fitness customised on the basis of a user’s MyCQ assessment.

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How would users experience a MyCognition programme?

Participants in MyCognition programmes would either enrol in the programme directly themselves or be enrolled by an organisational administrator and receive a welcome email to get them started. The initial app experience and introductory emails would encompass:

  • on-boarding introductory content
  • an initial MyCQ assessment which can be self-administered in 15 minutes
  • a personalised and confidential MyCQ assessment report with insights and recommendations to consider in terms of lifestyle behaviours, training options and assessment reviews
  • access to a content store of learning materials on cognition and healthy habits for cognitive fitness
  • access to the AquaSnap training game customised for the individual’s profile
  • visibility and reminders of their progress against recommended AquaSnap training time

MyCognition typically provides access to its products and programmes on an annual subscription basis. Throughout this period, subscribing members have full access to the assessment and training applications to use as often as they like. In order to embed and reinforce learning, MyCognition provides a regular schedule of emails and app notifications (which users can choose to switch off) highlighting particular healthy habits, advice and areas of knowledge.
The programmes aim to help users significantly improve understanding and awareness of cognitive fitness in month 1 and by the end of month 3 the aim is to have had a significant positive impact on a user’s cognitive fitness through helping to build and embed healthy habits, where not already in place.

For those users whose assessment recommends an intensive, priming intervention with the AquaSnap training app, the recommended training time commitment is generally 90 mins/week for 2-3 months.

For client organisations, MyCognition can provide further help to embed its programmes and help to review and support the users and administrators ongoing throughout the year. This may be delivered in the form of on-site workshops, coaching sessions or consulting recommendations.

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